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This was bad enough in seasons 4 and 5 (revenant and loba, respectively), but at least back then there was the they have always been. Hey getting back into apex again and played wattson crypto/caustic crypto.

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Thank you so so much i’ve been searching for wattson/crypto/caustic new voice lines since the new lore came out!!

Caustic and crypto voice lines. And as for that inappropriate caustic voice line, let's just say you won't hear him talk about rodents around crypto anymore. [to caustic] you're not only the one who should be angry. And both caustic and wattson have some mean voice lines towards crypto.

New map & crypto gameplay!! The september 3 patch for apex legends removed an inappropriate caustic voice line which calls crypto a traitor. Their dialogue would be cold and against one another, very unwilling to work together, but have to.

It seems that crypto betrayed caustic, what is the story? Where caustic says as a thanks to crypto, “you’ll regret the day you crossed me, gutter rat,” due to the word “rat” being a racial slur towards asians. I unboxed the new bangalore heirloom!!

(apex season 3) search for: I have no further time to deal with you. [to crypto or wattson] every moment i spent on you distracts me from a greater purpose. [to crypto] how does it feel, knowing you're nothing without someone else picking you up? [to crypto] dragged from gutter once again. The voice lines are out now as of season 6.

Catch me if you can. New crypto and wattson lore voice lines in apex legends season 7. He mentions a “greater purpose” and a “final experiment” when reviving crypto or.

An inappropriate voice line between caustic and crypto was removed in the september 03, 2020 patch; 24 chaos theory apex packs (apex legends) they lied to us about the mastiff. [to crypto or wattson] stand.

New wattson, caustic and crypto voice lines interactions season 8. Their voice lines would be kind, and you would hear crypto express actual care for wattson. I’m going up and you’re going down.

Apex legends patch on september 3 removed an inappropriate caustic voice line which caused many people to go on the offensive side on social media. Apex legends voice lines,apex legends season 7,apex legends,voice lines,apex legends caustic and crypto connection,apex legends season 5,apex legends wattson and crypto voice lines,apex legends. The relationship between crypto and watson took some hits as watson still thinks that crypto is the mole.

Unbeknownst to the writers of apex legends, rat has been a slur directed at asians since world war ii. I do this for the rush, the funs are just a bonus. After everything that happened in the broken ghost quest, crypto has some scores to settle with caustic.

January 6, 2021 at 5:57 pm mirage actually caring for pathy thats character development right there from hating the grappling tin can to caring for his feelings thats a. Apex legends caustic voice lines apex legends caustic voice actor apex legends caustic tips apex legends caustic quotes apex legend caustic quotes apex legends number 1 caustic. Apex legends is available now on xbox one, ps4 and pc.

The line in question is said by crypto, with the scientist calling caustic a dirty rat. Apex legends september 3 patch removes inappropriate caustic voice line you'll regret the day you crossed me, gutter rat. a brilliant hacker and encryption expert, he uses aerial drones to spy on his opponents in the apex arena without being seen. Idiot. [to mirage] thank you.

According to a writer at respawn, crypto and caustic will have a clash in the upcoming season of apex legends. Having caustic address crypto as a ‘rat’ is kind of uncomfortable. A voice line directed at crypto (pictured) has criticized for being.

My legs are ready to go, parts are not included. By the time you see me coming, i’ll be going and you’ll be gone. Why do crypto and caustic hate each other from their voice lines?

The september 3 patch for apex legends removed one of caustic's voice lines, after concerns linked it to a racial slur. December 31, 2020 by addzy. Caustic’s updated voice lines when season eight launched hinted that the toxic trapper was up to no good.

Caustic is one of those legends who always has something interesting to say but just recently discovered to have a very controversial voice line in his arsenal. Caustic may be a jerk to crypto, but that doesn't mean you should be made to feel bad about who you are. During the last patch that controversial caustic voice line was removed from apex legends which was aimed at crypto.

All the new interactions between caustic, wattson and crypto that arrived with season 6 of apex legends, and a couple voice lines between caustic and. The words used seemed offensive to many due to which it got. Perhaps you should stay there.

Apex legends crypto voice lines. Unfortunately, crypto, whose real name is tae joon park, is asian. Maybe you're not the fool i took you as… for now. [to mirage] do you ever stop talking? [to wattson] “thank you, natalie.” you're welcome 천만에. don't mention it. [to caustic] i agree. [to revenant] i don't care. [to revenant] quiet.

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