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Cinco de mayo has never been more fun! Click matching tiles to eliminate them in pairs from the mahjong board.

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Mahjong solitaire is a fun matching game, in which you select identical tiles in pairs to remove them from the playing board.

Free games 247 mahjong. Celebrate the season with our lineup of themed classic games! Hot diggity dog this is the game for you! Play valentine's day mahjong by clicking on matching open tiles, two by two.

To achieve this, stack the cards on the tableau in descending order (king to ace). Test your skills and match all the tiles in this very difficult. Only certain mahjong tiles that are open can be clicked at each point in the game.

Take a bite out of fun with this savory mid level mahjong solitaire game. All of our mahjong games are 100% free, all day, every day! You may click on any free tiles (those that are on the edge) to select them, and match them with other free tiles with the same face to eliminate them from the board.

Match all of the loving pairs and you win! This version of mahjong first appeared online in 2002 and has remained popular ever since. Mahjong solitaire is a tile matching puzzle game.

Play over and over to beat your fastest time, or try one of our other 5 valentine's themed games on the. Mahjong classic allows you to play this legendary and iconic board game in your web browser! Fall mahjong solitaire is a fun and easy game that will have you hooked the moment you lay eyes on it.

Tiles are arranged in many combinations and can be used with different styles. Additionally, you may also match flower tiles with other flower tiles, and season tiles with. Try and challenge your best score in classic mahjong with this fun mahjong solitaire twist.

Beat your classic mahjong score Play the best free mahjongg and mahjong games online including games like mahjong fortuna, mahjong solitaire, majong, connect, mahjong online, mahjongg 3d,. The game mahjong solitaire is quite an easy game once you learn the basic mechanics.

Classic mahjong with a twist; You may click on any tiles to select them, and match them with other tiles with the same face to eliminate them from the board. Play your favorite mahjong games on the computer or any other device.

Nothing more delicious than a mahjong hot dog on a hot 4th of july mahjong cookout kind of day! Eliminate all the pairs, and you are victorious. Make sure to alternate colors.

We collected the best free online mahjong solitaire games. is the website for true mahjong solitaire fans. Combine 2 of the same mahjong stones to remove them from the playing field.

Beat the game when you have sorted all. Search for the matching pairs that are on the edge of the board. Let the christmas fun shine bright this year with star christmas mahjong!

Only mahjong tiles with an open vertical side can be clicked during the game. The aim of all mahjong games is very simple: You may also use flower and seasonal mahjong tiles you can see below to match to any in the 4 mahjong tile set.

Click on any of the games below to play directly in your browser. The object of this strategy game is to place all of the cards into the four foundations at the top. A free stone is not covered by another stone and at least 1 side (left or right) is open.

The cards in each foundation slot must be of the same suit and in ascending order (ace to king). 247 games offers a full lineup of seasonal mahjong games. Before making your first move in mahjong solitaire, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the board layout.

If you click on a tile that is not open, the board will gray out all mahjong. Mahjong solitaire is a fun and relaxing game. All of our classic games are 100% free, all day, every day!

Which game are you quicker with?! In a mahjong solitaire game you have to clear the layout by pairing up free tiles. Always try to match pairs which lead to opening up most new tiles.

Search for two tiles that have exactly the same. Pyramid style turtle mahjong solitaire layout; Instantly play games on your favorite device and web browser at!

Mahjong is a tile matching puzzle game. Match all the tiles and you are victorious! It's summer mahjong time and the living's easy!

Eliminate tiles from the mahjong board by clicking on open tiles in pairs. You only can use free stones. Beat mahjong by eliminating all tiles.

Beat mahjong by eliminating all tiles. Each mahjong pair matched will disappear. Once a pair is made, the tiles will disappear from the mahjong board.

Game is played with a different number of tiles, characters and symbols. The weather is hot and the beaches are crowded, so why not sit back and relax in the warm breeze with one of six mahjong boards on summer! Use the easter mahjong seasonal and flower tiles as wild cards.

Just match identical tiles in pairs to remove them from the mahjong layout. Keep an eye out for seasonal and flower. Match all the mahjong pairs in the correct order and you win!

Our selection of card games, board games, mahjong games, and casino games is second to none. There was previously a game called mahjong titans bundled with windows vista but microsoft has since abandoned that name referring to their games now as “microsoft mahjong”. It is unclear when people started referring to it as mahjong titans.

Test your logic and matching skills in the mahjong classic game. Your christmas tree will be beaming with mahjong solitaire fun with this amazing game on the tip top of its beautiful branches! You will certainly find some good opening moves.

Play mahjong by matching tiles in pairs. Classic ii mahjong combines the fun of the classic mahjong layout with the difficulty of a pyramid style mahjong layout.

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