How To Backup Your Iphone To An External Hard Drive

Select the backup folder from the finder window or itunes. So, here is how to back up the iphone to the external hard drive using itunes in windows 10.

1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive External Storage for iPhone 11 Pro

Connect your external hard drive to your mac if it isn't already connected.

How to backup your iphone to an external hard drive. Now go back into the external folder, open the previously created folder ('iphone backup') and hit cmd + v to paste in the backup file. On the files app, choose the hard drive you want to save the iphone. Find the “ backup ” folder.

Next, locate the itunes backup of your iphone or ipad using the steps detailed above. This is how you back up your iphone on an external hard drive. Connect the drive that you want to back up your iphone to.

If it’s not showing up, please go through our external drive not showing up in file explorer guide. To confirm if your device is connected to the hard drive, click on ‘files app’ button, then ‘browse’. Open the external hard drive.

If prompted, tap on allow to. Next, connect the external hard drive and open it on your computer. Wait until that copy is completed and then if you're brave, delete the original backup folder.

Not only does this work for external drives, it can also be used for internal drives. Name it mobilesync, or in a way you remember, such as “myiphonebackup.” some macos users found they had to name that folder mobilesync for this to work! Backup iphone to an external hard drive in windows 10 using itunes.

The folder’s name will just be a series of letters and numbers. Next, cut the backup folder from your windows drive, and paste it inside this newly created mobilesync folder. Tap on move and select the external drive from the menu.

Click the ‘share’ button to transfer the photos to the files app. In the finder window that opens, select the backup folder and hit command + c , then navigate to the external hard drive in finder and hit command + v. Another way to transfer photos from iphone to an external hard drive is to copy iphone photos and paste them to external hard drive using file explorer.

Connect your external hard drive to mac and open it. How to set your iphone backup to an external drive. Once you backup your iphone, you will see another folder created automatically.

Connect iphone to computer and unlock iphone by entering its lock screen passcode. At the root of the drive, create a folder called ‘mobilesync’. Find the itunes folder and drag it from the hard drive to its pc location.

Go back to the finder window with your ios backups in it and select the device backup folder (it will either be called backup or have a bunch of numbers and letters). Select the folder if any preference and then tap on copy to confirm the move. Locate and open the photo app, then select the photos you want to transfer.

Create a folder on your external hard drive called ios backup. Open the files app and long press on the folder/file you want to move. How to move files from iphone or ipad to external hard drive.

Ad aceitamos mercadopago em ate 12x. Enter ~/library/application support/mobilesync/ in the go to folder box and select go. Open itunes and connect your iphone.

Usually, the name of the backup folder consists of random numbers and letters, or it's called backup. drag the entire folder — couldn't emphasize it more — to your external drive. Open your external drive and create a new folder for the backup. An external hard drive isn't the only option to create a backup of your itunes library.

Go to finder on mac or my computer on windows to find it. How to backup an iphone to an external hard drive on windows. How to save iphone backup to external hard drive:

Now, you’re all set to back up your iphone to your external hard drive. Drag it to your external hard drive. With the aid of a lightning cable, connect your iphone to an external hard drive.

Back up the hard drive using time machine (mac) or other backup software. Connect your external drive using a lightning adapter and connect it to a power source; Exit itunes on your pc where you plan to restore the itunes library backup.

From another finder window, click on your iphone’s name and click ‘back up now’. If your iphone or ipad's backup is very large, you can first back up to your main hard drive, then copy that backup to the network drive and set the backup location of your device to it in imazing. This process could take a while, because you're copying.

It will be located inside the folder you created in the hard drive. Do not change this file name. Ad aceitamos mercadopago em ate 12x.

Choose the folder called backup and copy it to the new folder on your external hard drive. Click the device icon in the top left, then click “back up now.” Connect your external hard drive to your windows 10 pc and make sure that it’s showing up in this pc.

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