Hyper Casual Games Market

As for hyper casual games themselves, 2017 is what could be described as the ascendency of hyper casual games. Let’s think we somehow made about 500,000 people aware of our game within a year.

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That number will increase rapidly in the future.

Hyper casual games market. The market research on hyper casual games showed 4 ads in a minute are too many, causing the retention rate to decrease to 20%. It’s important to hit the masses: The proliferation of new titles has increased ua costs and reduced margins.

When it comes to an acceptable number of ads, displaying under 2.5 ads in a minute will cause about half of the users to churn. We can back this up after analyzing the aggregated data of 2.5 billion users in the ironsource network over two years, of which 660 million play hypercasual games. The market research on hyper casual games showed 4 ads in a minute are too many, causing the retention rate to decrease to 20%.

The very best games blend the ad experience and mechanics together and create fast, simple games that appeal to the broadest audience of players. This type of mobile game is designed to be lightweight with minimal onboarding so that users can instantly tap to play. In 2019, not only was the mobile gaming market worth over $80 billion, but close to half of all game downloads came from these kinds of app, according to app annie’s report on the state of mobile 2020.

We worked with appmagic who are an app store revenue and download estimator to assess the growth and proliferation of hypercasual games. They offer instant entertainment and simplicity while making gameplay addictive and engaging. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to pinpoint which game really catalyzed the modern hyper casual game market.

When it comes to an acceptable number of. In this space, game development is usually streamlined too, making it relatively easy to make and market these kinds of apps, which is why hyper casual games now dominate the app store charts. 520 million out of that 660.

It’s also a market space where trends develop and flourish in a surprisingly short span of time. We take a look at the publishers who are shaping its future. Because i think the number of players in the world for this hyper casual games’ category is currently around 1 billion.

A great tool to keep you up to speed with all new games on the app store. They have been tracking the charts of 47 app stores around the. They are relatively easy to produce, but they guarantee to offer a high level of entertainment and replayability.

Voodoo owes a major part of their success to strong marketing. Without any plot inserts, preloading, level selection, or a lengthy tutorial, the users immediately find themselves at the epicenter of the game. What are hyper casual games?

If you don’t, the revenue might not cover the investment in development. Go and see what’s trending, where the industry is going right now.

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Hyper Casual games are the newest trends among the mobile

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