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This show is funny because the inspector is really silly and always gets injured or he accidentally lands himself face first on a really hard brick wall. He is way too old and out of shape to pose any sort of threat.

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Well, shane, this match is as easy to pick as a radiated grapefruit in a cotton field.q is no match for inspector gadget.

Inspector gadget dog laugh. Inspector gadget's biggest caper ever. The best running gag ever is when the paper explodes into chief quimby's face. The show was funny and exciting and i really truly miss the adventures of the clumsy inspector gadget, his brave and intelligent niece penny and her dog brain setting out to stop dr.

See more ideas about inspector gadget, inspector gadget costume, halloween costumes. Another classic show, its sure to give anyone a laugh. Gadget obliviously his passport, non refundable plane tickets and other documents while trying juggle and grill at the same time.

You see, i am a deaf little boy, so this is my way of doing things. Still, brain is no dog. I came to my foster home by way of alabama where i was found in a back alley.

Hell, if he wanted to, i’ll bet he could laugh and play, just the same as you and me. 2005's inspector gadget's biggest caper ever was the first inspector gadget animated production to be completely rendered using 3d computer animation. #rotfl # funny # dog # lol # laugh # laughing funny # dog # lol # laugh # laughing # cartoon # evil # inspector gadget # evil villain cartoon # evil # inspector gadget # evil villain # dog # lol # laugh.

Agent, and one that dr. Having adventures worldwide, jonny quest accompanies his scientist father, dr. Inspector gadget's biggest caper ever.

Also, coming with them in their adventures is john's adopted brother hadji singh. Brain is also back in his old role, while penny is now 16 years old. The show was created by doug wildey and was first released in 1964.

In race to the finish at a pitstop a mad agent. Woof. of course this isn't laugh out loud funny, just a nice piece of nostalgia to hear adams in the movie. I'm called inspector gadget, or just gadget.

I got my name because i've got to smelly check everything out. Therefore and henceforth, he cannot be gadget’s dog. Cyborgs/robots are often considered a thing of wonder, but which one of these two famous polar opposite examples of this.

Please leave your name at the sound of the woof. The explosion of gadget's grill, causing his detached head to land right in front of penny and brain. Brain is no dog, in other words.

It is his neice, penny, and her hyper intelligent dog brain that solve the riddles and catch the badguys, and lets uncle gadget take the credit. It returned gadget to his familiar trenchcoat from the original series. (the listings below contain affiliate links.

The other is at the end where penny is checking out here gadget watch and tells brain to say somethin. Frank welker is an american voice actor. Except that gadget is completely and utterly inept at his job.

Claw and mad's evil plans. Benton, on discovering strange phenomena and exciting assignments. Don adams voices the dog saying that brain isn't in right now.

About inspector gadget located in texas. Inspector gadget vs mettaton is adeath battle by hipper. Claw, mad cat and brain from inspector gadget, megatron, galvatron, soundwave, skywarp, mirage, trailbreaker and others from the transformers, and nibbler from futurama.

Claw considers one of his best. The main people are inspector gadget, penny who is really smart and is his niece and has a dog called brain. Welker's other credentials include super friends, tiny toon adventures, g.i.

Dr claw is the baddie. It is the first cartoon show to be syndicated by dic, who. I grew up with the eighties inspector gadget and i absolutely loved this show, and i still do.

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