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If you’re an iphone user, there are a couple of tricks you can use to stop a message you’ve just sent from actually being sent, thanks to a few seconds’ delay that ios makes when sending out a text or a message. If either the sender or recipient is not logged into an apple id on their device (say they logged out or they're not using an apple device, for example} or does not have an internet connection, then the messages will be sent as a regular, cellular, sms, text message.

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Sending imessage is the same as a text message on iphone after enabling the feature through settings.

Iphone sent as text message delivered. Tap , then tap try again. If the receiver enabled this feature, then you can see read instead of delivered if he read your message. An imessage can only be sent to a user with an ios device that has imessage enabled.

Contact your carrier for more information. Here's how to tell if someone read your text on android and ios smartphones or in the messenger. Ones we wish we could have pulled out before they were delivered.

There are times that it will not change to read if the person read the message. If your apple id is selected, the messages will be delivered as junk. Settings > account > privacy > read receipts.

Open settings > messages > turn on send read receipts. If you're on an ipad or ipod touch, turn on text message forwarding from your iphone. Your iphone will usually only send an imessage as a text message if something is wrong.

If your message shows as delivered, it means the message was delivered to the receiver. If you are using an iphone and you send a message to a friend on android, it will be sent as a. As mentioned above, the appearance of the “delivered” message is not an indication that the recipient has seen the message or is aware that it has arrived.

Kboone1726, thank you so much for the reply. Settings > chat features, text messages, or conversations and turn on desired read receipts options. In the iphone, there is an option called send read receipts user can enable and disable this feature.

On your device, go to settings > messages > send & receive and make sure that only your phone number is selected under start new conversations from. We’ve all sent out a few texts using our phone; If your imessage doesn’t have a “delivered” message underneath it, but previous ones in the conversation did, then this could be an indication that you have been blocked.

If your text sometimes turns green it means either the device you sent it to is not an ios device or it's imessage is not enabled. In many cases it may be preferable to send as a text message instead to ensure the information reaches its destination. To send as sms just hold your finger down on the imessage and a message will pop up giving you the option to send as sms text message.

In this way, if you fail to send a message, you should resend the message as a text message by enabling send as sms in settings on your device ( settings > messages > send as sms ). Alternatively, jailbreak users can make use of a nifty little. If you still can’t send the message, tap , then tap send as text message.

What is the difference between imessage and text message? If someone is signed into more than one ios device with their apple id, and your message is received by any of those devices, then it can show the “delivered” message. In this situation, no need to be worry just check the last status of your message as mention in above picture that message has been delivered or not if last message not been sent then it might be due to several other problems but then again if the last message is delivered and your current message is not delivering go and sent a text message on that person phone if that message has been sent.

If the message shows delivered that means that it was sent through the network without any issues. Step 1 launch the messages app. I still havent figured out what's going on with my situation, but i know my friend isnt gettting my imessages or texts:

As mentioned previously, an imessage sent as a text message is usually indicative of a network issue. Imessages are in blue and text messages are green. When the text says deliverd it just means that it was sent out, if the phone you sent it to actually recieved the text your end will say recieved rather than delivered.

Imessages only work between iphones (and other apple devices such as ipads). If you try to send a message and you see with an alert that says not delivered, follow these steps: By default, the iphone’s messages app shows you the date and time for the first message on any given day, but not for every message sent and received.

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