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Technology world futuristic technology medical technology wearable technology technology gadgets tech gadgets science and technology technology innovations technology design. Includes usb connector which allows you to save the recorded file on to your pc.

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You can use them for other less noble purposes!

Spy gadgets x ray glasses. Program in up to 20 mobile phone numbers. The ability to see through clothes and objects like dark sun glasses or dark windows makes this infrared device ideal for identifying persons and objects. Then standby to intercept both sides of a phone conversation.

A spy gadget that attaches to a cell phone, to change the caller’s voice to something completely different, including a duck and a robot. For normal usage look forward: These special glasses also provide uv ray protection.

Listen to both sides of a cell phone conversation no software installation on the target phone: Xray cameras work on the principle that visible light is filtered out and only the infrared and other parts of light are captured, making it possible to see through clothes and certain objects. Page spoke of is actually quite serious.

“we see this as a great development that will no doubt have untold advantages in the fields of medicine and law enforcement. If the $2400 price tag is a bit much, you may be able to get some cheaper thrills by getting yourself some really cool spy glasses. Spy camera glasses are equipment of spy movies.

Fiber optics scope see inside other rooms without opening a door |passive no batteries needed : Black leather case (from russia with love) Monitor your c o l o r xray recordings in real time or instantly play back recorded xray movies on its built in c o l o r screen.

The safety tweaks are happening now, as the one mr. Keep your property safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. Spouses attach it to an earbud, carry the spy gadget around in hand, or set it on a level surface and they are supposed to be able to pick up conversations from another part of the room or.

Wearing these, one can spot what a person is carrying under their clothes. To make spy gear, try attaching a tiny camera inside the front of a hat or cap and hide small cameras or recording devices in areas you want to keep an eye on. And for the prices offered, you could.

This palm size portable dvr has a built in 3.5 tft lcd screen. The most desired gadget by young nerds of 30 years ago, are eventually come back in china, in a sophisticated and far more expensive version. For rear viewing, just turn your eyes to either side.

Spy sunglasses model os 002 price $15 Give them this phone and you'll know every behavior they make. Pierce brosnan’s james bond may find this convenient, but, luckily, he only uses it for this one party.

We have been here before. The biggest thing about this device is that (in addition to the secret nature, of course) is that it allows the user to transfer images and video via usb. A portable listening device is a spy gadget that looks like a sound dish.

They have not and will not, any time soon, be invented. Today i can talk to the editor through microphone/webcam which is penned at the top of my laptop screen. Bond uses these to spot the weapons his enemies are carrying.

There are better, sleeker bond gadgets out there. Suffice it to say, no, you can’t have a pair. Built in 32gb hard drive.

You can look behind you with secret mirror glasses or record thing secretly with video sunglasses. You can also use a tube and 2 small mirrors to create a periscope that allows you. This spy camera from a vendor called spy gadgets that can be disguised as a clock automatically starts recording images on a memory card once it detects some movement!

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