Synthetic Game Bags For Elk

To keep meat dry, again, use a quality game bag. These 14×26 game bags have been cut down from our original size to shave off even more weight.

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These game bags are built to last.

Synthetic game bags for elk. If you are really looking at lightweight the smaller bags are. Benefits of synthetic game bags: And at 14 ounces, the large game m.o.b.

Any moisture that is on the meat is going to be pulled to the outside of the game bag and evaporate, which will aid in protecting the meat. Eagle rock gear synthetic hunting game meat bags for quartering elk, deer, moose, and caribou Amazing gear made by a great american.

Cautiously bought a 10 degree quilt after doing my research had two nights at around 15 degrees and couldn’t be happier. Tag bags, grizzly cotton bags and grizzly synthetic bags. I bought both the tag bag and the elk magnum set from caribou gear.

A set of synthetic game bags that can each hold 40lbs of deboned meat. The caribou gear high country series is for all backcountry hunting. The caribou brand bags are bigger and will fit a bone in elk quarter.

The game bags safety features are one thing, but have you noticed less trimming and cleaning for a higher meat yield and better tasting game meat. They're heavy enough to be sturdy, but still lightweight. Grab this lightweight black ovis game bag kit and you'll be set for years to come as you pursue big game anywhere in the world.

This year at moose camp we had a few varieties of game bags: Free shipping on all orders $49 & up. Brand new stronger and more durable material for 2016!

The endure ultimate game bag can be used for deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, caribou, bear, sheep and goat. The alaska game bags are easy to use and easy to roll over an elk quarter. These game bags come in a 4 pack and are 48 inches by 30 inches in size.

Pack sets the new standard for. After a lifetime of game meat care frustration with available ga Deer, elk, caribou, bear, etc.

Each bag weighs approximately.375 lbs and the package of 4 weighs 1.5 lbs. Unbelievable durability and the weight is perfect for back country hunters. Argali game bags are made from a breathable, synthetic nylon blend material that is the lightest most durable material on the market.

Free shipping $49 & up The black ovis brand is smaller and designed more for bone out quarters. You can haul 240lbs at just 6.2oz!

Canvas game bags are exactly what you’d expect. Our synthetic material makes them ultralight weight, alaska tough & reusable for elk, deer, moose & even argali game. Argali high country pack ultralight.

With the introduction of caribou gear ultra light synthetic game bags, the industry hasn't been the same, most importantly you the hunter and the family that eats the treasured harvested game meat. Both perform the task a game bag is designed for well. Not sure if they’re readily available elsewhere.

Our game bag systems are designed for deer, elk, and all sized species. However, our ultralight, synthetic game bag concept began in 2000, with the finalized bags being introduced in the fall of 2009. Synthetic game bags are helpful, as synthetic material does a great job of wicking away moisture.

Negative attributes of nylon game bags: Silver infused fabric, reduces bacteria growth. Game bags will generally be found in three materials:

The argali 24×40 quarter bag will fit an elk or caribou quarter with meat on the bone. Roosevelt elk, or want more room in your bags for the quarters. These are the only game bags with a u.s.

Superior resistance to mold and mildew; The xl size of reusable game bags is ideal for caribou, elk or a deboned moose. For those that don’t know, grizzly is the brand of bag that 3 bears sells up in alaska.

This synthetic gamebag also acts as a base for hauling your meat out. Caribou gear game bags are the best reusable game bags on the market. They will fit a bone in quarter but the the bone will stick out a bit.

Save 20% more with survival kit purchase. 4) 24×38 1) 16×33 1) 16×22. The large size is ideal for deer, sheep, antelope and deboned elk or caribou.

The grizzly synthetic bags took the. These are generally the most durable and offer great protection from bugs, but they are extremely heavy and do not allow the meat to breathe very well. 4 ultimate game bags for price of 3.

Any of the synthetic bags will work. For elk hunting, i will usually carry all five of. 6 game bags / 1 stuff sack.

Virtually no shrinkage compared to cotton; Wash and reuse these synthetic game bags for years to come. Caribou gear game bags are the ultimate meat care systems.

Caribou gear outdoor equipment company was established in 2008. The cg bags come with more bells and whistles like reflective tabs, and bag labels, and small camp meat, cape and trimming bags. I run a tarp, game bags, g3 bags and a nalgene holder.

Extremely heat sensitive (open flames) The caribou gear game bags are reusable due to our patented nylon synthetic blend technology. 14.6oz save 18% by purchasing a set vs individually!

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