Why Does My Iphone Say Sim Card Failure

Remove your sim card from the sim tray, then put the sim card back. Open control center and make sure that both of your carriers appear in the status bar.

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According to apple, some customers have resolved the error by restoring the device from icloud backup.

Why does my iphone say sim card failure. As we all know, if iphone sim card is placed improperly inside the sim tray, it will lead to sim card failure error. It was acceptd the first time, 2min later it said that very same passcode was incorrect try again in 5min. Make sure that you close the sim tray completely, so that it isn’t loose.

If you have tried different sim cards it is most likely a hardware failure, or dirt in the sim card slot. When airplane mode is on, your iphone disconnects from cellular and wireless networks. Swipe the app's preview up to close it.

Remove & reinsert your sim card. When was the last time you rebooted your device? If you’re using something like find my iphone for ios or google’s find my device for android, then this can be a good way to check for sim problems.

Clean the gold contacts on the sim card using a rubber pencil eraser. The sim failure error on iphone is somewhat common, but the error showing up doesn’t necessarily mean there’s truly an error with the sim card. Remove your sim card from the sim card tray and then put the sim card back.

The sim card and its tray are located on the right side of your iphone. Visit control center and tap on airplane icon. You know that phones can act strangely sometimes.

First close all the running apps on the phone: Jun 24, 2018 10:32 pm in response to arianafromcupertino in response to arianafromcupertino. The first thing to try when your iphone says invalid sim is to turn airplane mode on and back off.

You didn’t take the sim card out of your iphone, and now you can’t make phone calls, send or. It sounds like you are having some sim card, and general instability on the phone. Carefully remove all eraser residues from the sim card.

You might be able to get rid of the message by taking out the sim card and then reinstalling it. Your iphone says no sim card, even though the sim card is in the tray. Try to clean dust or any debris of the sim card slot and the sim card.

This went on a few times and now my phone says sim locked in top left corner and swipe to unlock at the bottom, when i swipe to unlock it says: Sync your iphone, ipad, or ipod using itunes on your computer; Just like you can restart your computer to fix all kinds of problems, you can try rebooting iphone to solve the iphone invalid sim.

Check your sim card for any damage or scratches, especially if you have been using it for a long time. Carefully replace the sim card. You may need to replace your sim.

Of course, it is also possible that the “invalid sim” message does, in fact, have to do with something irregular going on with your sim card. After about ten to fifteen seconds turn the mode off and see if the sim card is getting detected. Reinstall the sim card on your iphone.

Place the sim card into the iphone again; Why does iphone keep saying call failed? A simple restart can fix the problem.

We have found additional insight in apple support communities. Clean the sim card slot. It’s difficult to pinpoint one specific reason for the call failure.

Swipe left or right until you have located the app you wish to close. Cleaned sim card with an alcohol pad and let it dry, reinstalled and it. Whatever the cause may be, let’s troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Try to update latest ios then see if problem appears. Apart from this case, you can try the solutions below when iphone says invalid sim, no sim or sim card failure. At times, it might be because your sim card is not placed correctly or damaged.

It means that for some reason your device is not detecting the card. Try inspecting it with a magnifying glass with the card out. This is an easy and simple remedy.

The sim card tray slot must be kept clean and dust free at all times. Make sure that the sim tray closes completely and is not loose. Force an app to close

When i updated my iphone 5 to ios 7.0.3 it asked me for a passcode which i set as *****. For items synced with itunes, like music or podcasts, be sure to sync them over to the iphone: Gently insert a small paperclip (or a sim eject tool) into the small hole opening in the sim tray found on the side of your iphone.

Take out the sim card. Used my wife’s sim card and the phone worked, so i knew that problem is with the sim and not the phone. If you can't see any dirt or you cant clean it (try an air blast) the phone will need repair.

Once secured, power on the device. I have a couple recommendations here. Press and hold the sleep/wake button, and drag the slider once it appears.

A damaged sim card could be the reason for failed or dropped calls on an iphone. But it’s usually because of poor signal quality or some pesky software bugs. There are many reasons your iphone might say its sim card is invalid, or not properly recognized, from a needed update to a card that has been physically jostled out of.

Open settings and tap the switch next to airplane mode to turn it. If you prefer, you can also attempt to restore the backup again: To reboot iphone, you can keep pressing the power button.

The sim tray will open. Now turn on your iphone.

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